Highway of the dead (douknowmydad) wrote in slackerxcore,
Highway of the dead

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1. what are you doing right now?...talking to frankie....warning people, being stupid like usual. mmmm
2. what are you planing to do soon?? sleep, procrastinate on homework, the same stuff i do everyday
3. when you cant spell a word do you look it up? no, i'm too lazy, i give it my best shot, if i'm not too lazy to do that.
4. you were assighned an animal report two weeks ago. it is due tomorrow. what is the current completion status of said report?? half, i finish all the hard stuff a day before, in your eye ms. cicc.
5. what kinda music you inter? old punk, like subhumans, dead kennedys, some 80s, a little indie, mhmmm.
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