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I'm so sick of the "over dramatic" shit everyone is bringing to the scene.

I think I'm going to throw up.

Nothing irritates me more than people trying to be more depressed than they really are.
What is it inside of preteens and teenagers that makes them want to be having so many problems?
God, enjoy life for a change instead of always wanting something to make people feel sorry for you about.
I don't feel sorry for any of you "life sucks" bitches.
So don't tell me how many times you've thought about suicide today.
And when you grow up and realize that you don't have it half bad...
then you can give me a call.
Because there are people out there with real problems that I'm dealing with right now...
and your "problems" you "think" you have...
Are enough to make me want to give you a black eye.

Stupid girls make me angry.
Forgive me for bitching.

That is all.
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